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Poppies Stoneware Platter


by Mountain Gal Art

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Welcome to the delightful realm of Mountain Gal Art VT, where each piece is a handmade masterpiece by Dawn McConnell in high-fired stoneware. Drawing inspiration from the lively gardens surrounding our snug woodland log cabin and the spirited wildlife, we’re on a whimsical journey through the ever-changing seasons of Vermont. Enter the spotlight-stealing poppies on this small plate, bringing a burst of color and joy to this classic creation.

This whimsical small platter isn’t just eye candy; it’s also your kitchen’s versatile sidekick. Perfect for presenting appetizer assortments, cheese and crackers, or delightful snacks, it seamlessly balances charm with functionality. It’s both food and dishwasher safe. Join us in adding a touch of playfulness to your everyday moments with Mountain Gal Art VT!

Measures 11″ x 6.5″ x .75″.


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