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“The way you are, not the way you ought to be.” Founded by two women in 2005, ALEMBIKA offers a collection suited to women of all ages, specializing in the middle and large size range – to which Alembika’s layered look is especially flattering. Channel your urban muse in edgy and effortless designs, loaded with creative detail. We’re so excited about this chic new collection!

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B&K Moda

B&K Moda specializes in high quality clothes that are designed in Los Angeles, California and manufactured in Istanbul, Turkey. We are especially fond of their soft and open weave sweaters. These modern, versatile & cozy knits made from specialty yarns are great for layering. With an artsy relaxed fit, you’ll love these easy-to-wear chic designs. Looks great layered with just about anything.

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Beau Jours

Part of Chalet et ceci’s brand family, Beau Jours was born out of the desire to effortlessly partake in the fast paced lifestyle of the moment, but without the usual fuss! With versatility in mind, Beau Jours is designed for the modern woman. Made from organic cotton which is spun with care and comfort, it’s softer to your skin and gentler on the planet.

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Bryn Walker

Bryn Walker designs are for women who demand comfort, quality and easy sophistication. With a preference for luxurious fabrics, Bryn Walker garments are created for comfort and beauty and dyed in a rich palette every season. Designed and produced in California, Bryn Walker pieces are timeless and versatile as well as practical.

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Chalet et ceci

Styles to live in now and love forever. Chalet et ceci is contemporary, relaxed clothing that you can dress up for an evening out or wear for a casual weekend. Known for simple beauty through its natural fabrics, uncomplicated construction and comfort, it is designed for the effortless layering of separates. Chalet believes in creating stylish, comfortable clothing with a flattering fit ~ clothing that moves with you, loves a washing machine, and is tailor-made for a life that’s unpredictable. Buy with longevity in mind and know that these pieces have been expertly designed for the long haul. Chalet creates clothing that honors you, gives you confidence, creates a canvas for your personal style, and allows you to move through your day with ease — so you can focus on the things that matter most to you. Made in the USA.

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Have we got a treat for you! Habitat has launched a new line, ESCAPE by habitat clothes, of high quality, gorgeously dyed cotton casual wear. This collection will surely become your new go-to essentials. In brilliant color and easy fit designs, you’ll be living in these for the duration of the Spring season and beyond!

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Fat Hat Clothing

Fat Hat Clothing is the cure for the common clothes. Clothing that loves you just the way you are is designed in VT and made in the USA on purpose. For 35 years, Fat Hat has been designing and creating soft, easy clothing for women. If you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, you’ll be comfortable with who you are. After all these years it strikes me that we’re not making and selling clothing at all…we’re selling our sense of humor, our independent Vermont lifestyle and our comfortable attitude about dressing… clothing is just how we’ve packaged it!

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We LOVE Fenini for their exceptional, quality cotton. This clothing lasts and lasts. The colors and fit stay true. Always comfortable and always in style. The silhouette of FENINI is simple and clean, yet design details are added to make FENINI unique and interesting, suitable for work or play. It is for women who enjoy life, fun, art and beauty.

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Gershon Bram

Gershon Bram is a leader in women’s fashion design in Israel. The collection is edgy, sharp and creative for women who want to dress with elegance and comfort. Gershon’s fashions appeal to independent, bohemian women with an interest in culture and art. In fashion forward styles, the soft knits in natural fabrics and textures fit every shape and style easy to wear comfort.

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Clothes to Live In. Habitat clothing seeks to enhance a woman’s style, not dictate it. Move comfortably and fashionably through every part of your day in wearable, stylish clothing that looks great, goes anywhere and fits well – the clothes you’ll truly live in.

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INOAH is proudly made in the USA. The founding husband and wife team create fashionable, elegant, versatile clothing without sacrificing quality and uniqueness. Redefining fashion into their own eccentric style will put a smile on your face. You will find contemporary, individually styled tops and tunics that draw their distinctive designs from contemporary prints, nostalgia, plants, and animals. The printing of these tops utilizes a blend of colors and shading techniques to accentuate their unusual designs as wearable art. Perfect for year-round use, the lightweight fabrics in synthetic blends and brushed knits offer a lot of breathability making them just as comfortable in warm weather climates. Trendy, versatile and colorful, Inoah tops can be worn for any occasion.  Be unique, be INOAH!

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From whimsical to abstract in mineral washed colors, Jess & Jane brings us affordable and stylish casual wear. Specializing in comfortable classic cotton prints, mineral washed tunics and leggings, wavy cardigans & soft knit essentials, lounging never looked so good. Made in USA.

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Lands Downunder

Here with Lands Downunder, color makes us happy. We feel that the art of living well deserves to be celebrated daily, so we think that our clothing should reflect the art of personal style and expression. Lands Downunder is known for their soft textiles woven in Italy and New Zealand (down under!) and for offering a bit of flair for your personal style. It’s a hectic world out there, so we believe in the value that comfort and self-expression adds to your life. Enjoy exploring new ways to add color, layer your look and live well.

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Lisette L Montreal

These may be the best fitting pair of pants you’ll ever own. We love these pants and are thrilled to share them with you. Lisette is a family-owned company in Montréal. Their goal was simple ~ craft perfectly fitting pants for every woman. Love, love, love! Using on-trend fabrics with stretch that must also be breathable and washable, these pants are cut to fit women of all body types. Your ultimate dream pants with Flaterie Fit®, these are pull on pants with a comfort, tummy control waistband. 

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Luca Vanucci

Luca Vanucci represents one of the finest traditions of the Italian fashion industry. Using beautiful raw materials like linen, one of the oldest fibers on Earth, all garments are designed and manufactured in Italy. Earth-friendly and easy to wear, the styling and attention to detail are exactly what you would expect from a leading Italian fashion company. Through the centuries, Italian design, skill, and craftsmanship have been renowned in the fashion industry. “Made in Italy” in fashion is still synonymous with exclusivity, style, and high quality.

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Lucy's Designs


Lucy Ferrada brings joyful clothing to joyful people. Full of color and original design for a woman’s true body and lovely curves, this clothing is handcrafted in Vermont. Comfort and fashion meet to fully express the artist inside each of us. Art and fashion go hand in hand with these handcrafted and hand painted items of joy and ease. Natural fibers, texture and design to fit most. Feed your soul, wear art!

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Where East meets West, created in the heart of Istanbul the LUUKAA spirit is resolutely sophisticated, constructive and bold. Comfort is not a luxury, but a must. LUUKAA’s premium garments are made from high quality fabrics of natural fibers and materials. Earth tones paired with the indispensable signature black are very much a big part of LUUKAA`s style. Many of their pieces are intended to work together, and individual pieces often blend seamlessly into one’s existing wardrobe. Always one step ahead of the fashion trends, apparel from this international brand is elegant and daring at the same time.

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Neon Buddha

Express your Zen. Neon Buddha represents both calm serenity and expressive joy. The Neon Buddha woman has a zest for life, but also values comfort and calm—and this tagline encapsulates both sides of her. Designed in Canada by women for women. This team knows first-hand that every woman deserves to feel and look her best. With a focus on thoughtful silhouettes, unexpected details and breathable, lightweight cotton fabric, Neon Buddha gives every woman the confidence she deserves to fully express herself. Committed to natural fibers that breathe, these clothes retain their shape and stand the test of time season-after season. You can feel the difference. Each piece has a conversation-starting element—a special detail that looks anything but ordinary. From hand-tooled tin buttons by artisans in South-East Asia to tuxedo stripes inspired by Monaco nights—the designers look for inspiration everywhere to give women pieces they can’t find anywhere else. By designing modern styles that work in her day-to-day life, Neon Buddha helps every woman feel confident.

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Oh My Gauze!

The ultimate in casual and comfortable fashion; you will find the Oh My Gauze! clothing line to be the finest in the industry. The original purveyor of quality comfortable cotton gauze clothing for over 30 years, Oh My Gauze! began when the owner visited Mexico and envisioned a unique line of all cotton gauze clothing marketed in the US. All styles are specifically designed and manufactured with 100% cotton exclusively for Oh My Gauze! The clothing is completely washable, will not shrink and best of all, no ironing is necessary. Cotton gauze is breathable and nearly maintenance free.

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Parsley & Sage

Feel the WOW! Parsley and Sage creates artistically inspired, handmade garments for women of all shapes in sizes S, M, L, XL and plus sizes 1X, 2X & 3X. Made from old fashioned tailoring rather than mass production, these uniquely styled tops are set apart due to their personal style and energizing prints. The garments are made from handwoven fabrics which add both to the character as well as the style and beauty of each piece. Made from cotton, rayon and other fabric blends these distinctive tops are comfortable to wear and express a casual elegance. Designed in Canada and manufactured in India.

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The road less traveled. Bundle up! It’s getting cold out there! Wherever you choose to adventure, Pokoloko has the heirloom-quality, hand-knit cold-weather essentials for your wardrobe. It’s a lifestyle all about living fully, slowing down to enjoy life’s little luxuries, and choosing everyday to create a world connecting maker, collector and earth – which can sometimes be radical in comparison to the hustle and bustle of the ‘average’ status quo.

Pokoloko is a Canadian company that curates unique high-quality artisanal goods from around the world, for the home and life of thoughtful consumers who like to collect and give beautiful and meaningful items that are sustainable, ethical and hand-crafted. What started as a dream, has grown to over 1000 boutiques across North America in support of over 100 artisan families in South America, Turkey, Morocco, and Indonesia. These artisans can count on sustainable income and healthy work environments thanks to the incredible support of the Pokoloko community.

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Snapdragon & Twig

Snapdragon and Twig comes to us from the designers of Tulip. This is an artistic clothing line in natural fiber fabrics of cotton, rayon, modal and linen. With an eye for patterns, prints, and interesting structures achieved through the mix of textiles, this line will soon become a favorite in your closet. We love the comfort and style of these yummy garments. Many are generously sized for an easy fit whether for casual wear or subtle elegance.

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3 Potato

3 Potato adorns women with an artist’s touch. Designed in California, the clothing is loose cut and drapes beautifully for an easy to wear style that flows across the body. 3 Potato chooses striking, colorful prints that coordinate well with solid colors. Earth tones dominate in the clothing, with some jewel colors glimmering here and there. The loose and flowing shirts, tunics and jackets are made of lightweight, easy-to-wash viscose. Some of the fabrics use patterns the owner painted herself, other prints she modified or picked for their striking aesthetic.

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Tey Art

Working with the skilled artisans of Peru, many of whom are located high in the Andes mountains; Tey=Art creates unique handcrafted clothing and accessories for women. The name Tey-Art denotes Textiles and Artistry. The key components of that vision was a commitment to natural, sustainable fibers such as alpaca, wool and cotton and to work only with factories and co-ops that subscribe to the principles of Fair Trade Labor. Tey-Art has become a company recognized for its vibrant, textural collections of finely crafted women’s sweaters, hats, scarves, and socks.

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Transparente Designs

Beauty Has No Size, Beauty Fits All. Transparente is a European plus size fashion line, inspiring women to inspire the world. Designed in Germany, Transparente fabricates unique clothing to fit beautifully a wide range of sizes and figures. Transparente cultivates an avant garde style through trendy fabrics and innovative designs that satisfy women of all shapes. Truly ageless and timeless fashion.

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Jewelry Designers

Designs by OC

Contemporary, Bold, Statement Pieces. All OC Jewelry designs are made by Ofelia Cisneros and her team of Artisans in Salinas, California. One unique feature offered on many necklaces is the Convertible– all Convertible necklaces come with a 23″ necklace cord + a 17″ extension. The jewelry is bold but very light weight. Lightweight aluminum and strong steel, finished with designer colors, are bent and joined into big, bold jewelry pieces for a strong artistic statement. Each item will vary a little bit within the style, be prepared to go WOW when you see it on you for the first time.

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Escape from Paris

The jewelry is bold but very light weight. Lightweight aluminum and strong steel, finished with designer colors, are bent and joined into big, bold jewelry pieces for a strong artistic statement. Each item will vary a little bit within the style, be prepared to go WOW when you see it on you for the first time.

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Trades by Haim Shahar

Trades by Haim Shahar brings you the most beautifully designed jewelry, always handmade and always unique. Simple elegance is found in this unique jewelry handcrafted by family run small artisan workshops in Europe, most in small towns or villages, some with a history of jewelry makers going back multiple generations.. Stunning pieces and bold looks draw inspiration from his travels and a variety of diverse cultures. These are stylish, sophisticated pieces that really make a statement. Enjoy!

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Sylca Designs

Empowering women, one necklace at a time. Discover your own style with Sylca Designs. Created by a Mother and Daughter team who share a passion for art, you’ll feel confident and add some sass to any outfit with one of Sycla Designs’ signature pieces! These lime dangle earrings feature two wooden beads that dangle off a silver wire for a look that will surely stand out! Wear them solo for an understated look, or pair them with a coordinating statement necklace for a more complex, accessorized expression!

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Volare started as a wholesale jewelry company almost 20 Years ago by an artist named Aygul Caner. Aygul studied opera at a Conservatory in Turkey then continued her studies and graduated from Maryland University School of Music. ​Because of her many travels between both countries she calls home the name for her design line Volare ‘to fly’ was born.

​Aygul has created jewelry since childhood and that passion for making jewelry became her life. She has been designing her own line but also supports and promotes fellow artists’ works in the Volare collection. The jewelry designs & selections represent the intricacies of the Ottoman spirit and the finesse of European couture adorned with an historic and artistic feeling.

Today Aygul gets her inspiration from living in a beautiful village on the Aegean Coast of Turkey, with her workshop set in these surroundings. Her team of four amazing ladies, hand-craft the jewelry in the Ankara workshop and Istanbul partners, cast and plate her designs at their shops. The material used to craft the jewelry is pewter or brass, which is then plated with pure silver, pure gold, pure copper.

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Zsiska is a woman-founded and run company. Born in Amsterdam, Siska Schippers was a talented gold and silversmith artist before she decided to make handmade resin jewelry under the ZSISKA brand. She moved to Thailand in the 90s to work with resin in a studio in Cha-Am, a small town two hours south of Bangkok, where she employed fourteen women. Over the years, their precise designs and skilled craftsmanship has evolved. Zsiska designs are for the strong and elegant woman who desires to stand out in the crowd. Their jewelry has an artistic flair and creative energy. It is also remarkably lightweight and comfortable to wear. The fourteen women with whom Siska started the company still work for ZSISKA today.

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Bags Designers

ESPE vegan leather women’s handbags have been a customer favorite in our shop for years. These bags are functional, good looking and have great organizational features. If you love pockets as much as we do, then you’ve found your match in these unbeatable handbags!

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Joy Susan

Joy Susan is a leader in the vegan leather handbag and accessory markets.

Joy Susan’s vegan leather bags are made of 100% pure polyurethane (PU), a synthetic material with no animal products or by-products whatsoever. Out of many artificial leather options, polyurethane’s rich texture and versatility give it the edge. Some vegan leathers, for example, incorporate fibrous hides in an attempt to simulate a more leather-like feel. At Joy Susan, it’s difficult to tell our bags from genuine leather.

And when it comes to versatility, polyurethane reigns supreme. It can be finished with an eye-catching sparkle or a glossy sheen, and it can be saturated in a range of colors that put leather to shame. So if you’ve got a favorite shade, Joy Susan has it. Not only will these vegan leather handbags and clutches look good on you, but they’ll also make you feel good about your cruelty-free fashion decision. So get shopping – Joy Susan has a wide selection of exclusive options you’ll love.

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Mona B

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