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Volare started as a wholesale jewelry company almost 20 Years ago by an artist named Aygul Caner. Aygul studied opera at a Conservatory in Turkey then continued her studies and graduated from Maryland University School of Music. ​Because of her many travels between both countries she calls home the name for her design line Volare ‘to fly’ was born.

​Aygul has created jewelry since childhood and that passion for making jewelry became her life. She has been designing her own line but also supports and promotes fellow artists’ works in the Volare collection. The jewelry designs & selections represent the intricacies of the Ottoman spirit and the finesse of European couture adorned with an historic and artistic feeling.

Today Aygul gets her inspiration from living in a beautiful village on the Aegean Coast of Turkey, with her workshop set in these surroundings. Her team of four amazing ladies, hand-craft the jewelry in the Ankara workshop and Istanbul partners, cast and plate her designs at their shops. The material used to craft the jewelry is pewter or brass, which is then plated with pure silver, pure gold, pure copper.

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