Daisy Necklace


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My favorite new jewelry find! And just in time for summer - how fun are these?!  These come from the workshop of a quilter who turned a colorful craft idea into a jewelry making business. Made from strips of colorful cloth tubes filled with wire, they are wound into various shapes to create fun and fabulous necklaces, earrings and pins.

A classic Ficklesticks piece! The adorable Daisy Necklaces are created using a 36” Ficklestick that is held together by the wire inside! Each Daisy is hung from a bungee cord with hooks that come together in the back. Perfect for the spring or summer, but versatile enough for year-round wear.

Approximate length of black bungee is 9 in. long (18 in circumference)
Daisy flower is approximately 3 in. diameter

Machine washable, dry in a lingerie bag.