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World Cow Iconic B/W Painting on Canvas (Graffiti background)


  • By DJ Barry

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Have you heard? There’s a movement sweeping the globe promoting unity through art. Imagine a time when everyone in the world puts aside their differences and works together. World Cow is global. Since Vermont artist DJ Barry started the project in 2016, the characteristic black-and-white Holstein with a coat resembling a world map has been a big hit in numerous locations around Vermont and, in collaboration with other artists, is popping up around the globe. Keep a lookout in your neck of the woods and you might spot the world cow. The theme of his campaign is to promote peace and kindness and raise money for charitable organizations. Let’s spread the message of love and unity far and wide! Makes a great gift.

Exclusive to The Cheshire Cat, original hand painted World Cow by Vermont artist and World Cow Founder, D.J. Barry. Signed by the artist on the back. Measures approximately 8”H x 10”W x .75″D. We’re all spots on the same cow. #worldcow


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