Ode to Joy & Freedom for Ukraine!


by Ashley Anne Strobridge

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Ode To Joy and Freedom for Ukraine
This is an accordion card featuring a poem written by Ashley Anne Strobridge. Folded 4″W x 5.5″H. Open 15.75″W x 5.5″H. Comes with envelope.

You will survive,
and thrive like the honey bee survives winter to thrive in Spring and summer,
Buzzing among the golden petals of your native sunflowers,
You cultivated so diligently.
The sunflower nectar you have harvested these past years will be your strength,
Bringing you Righteous Joy and Freedom everlasting.
We are by your side, the world is watching,
Seeing the injustice you endure, we are on your side,
And those of us who can, will fight for you, for we are fighting for us all,
Together we will sting like bees at the greedy hand that comes to steal the fruits of your labor,
Fighting the northern storms that reign down on you like fire.
We know you must not fall, and we are behind you,
Like the booming drums of Beethoven’s masterpiece, we drum for you,
And our voices will rise together in a chorus of nations,
Celebrating Truth and Justice! And we will celebrate the Joys of Triumph together!
A tingle of righteous and joyful life races up our spine, and our voices rise again in the cry of FREUNDE!
You are our FREUNDE and we will support you! In Joy and Grief,
And we know you will meet Joy again,
in your Place of Paradise which you have cultivated: Elysium! Ukraine LIVES!
We will defend you, our Freunde!
You have strength in your friends and strength in your sting,
You WILL survive,
To sow your sunflowers, and harvest your nectar to thrive in the sunny petals once again.
This is our Ode to you, Ukraine! Our Freunde! Our Ode to you for Joy and Freedom!


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