Carousel Taper Pair


  • by Thumbprint Artifacts


These colorful Carousel candles bring a smile to anyone’s face! They are hand poured and hand painted candles by Kapula, a Fair Trade organization located in South Africa. The candles all have a beautiful glow from inside when burning that shows off the bouquet of color! Kapula candles are individually hand crafted and painted — each candle is unique and is what makes these candles so special. All Kapula candles are made with the highest quality natural paraffin wax with cotton wicks. They are non-scented, free of added toxins, smokeless and drip-free. . Unscented pair of two 9″ tapers.

Candle Tips:
Wicks should always be cut to ¼” prior to lighting
Avoid drafts – this causes candles to drip.

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