Bello Necklace


by Artyfactos

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Special event? or just want to feel like a million dollar lady? This multi-strand necklace features beautiful gemstones (rose quartz, jade and brown goldstone) and an orange peel rose on the side for a unique statement look! Goldstone, a telepathic crystal, embodies great healing and protective qualities. This stone is highly effective in sending healing energies from the heart, remote healing and in revitalizing the energy field. When channeling energy, Goldstone boosts the flow of life force energy within the hands. Wear jewelry that matters. Natural and 100% recycled materials are used to create this unusual jewelry. Orange peel, coffee beans, melon seeds, tagua nut, kidney beans, bombona and acai seeds are combined with natural fiber strings, creating the most beautiful and unexpected pieces of art by fair trade artisans in Latin America. Measures 18 inches plus 2 inches adjustable chain in length.


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