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Aronica Mini Sola Diffuser


  • by Aronica
    White Rose, Pure Lilac
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A lovely mini diffuser for your small space. Our Sola Flower actually is the key component in diffusing its lovely fragrance into the air combined with the standard reed sticks. The wooden petals of sola flowers will rapidly absorb the fragrance from the container until it is soaked which may appear to be running fast. Then, the petals will diffuse fragrance into the air through evaporation. Therefore, the speed of evaporation can vary with the environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity. Since the wooden petals can hold the fragrance, you can still enjoy the fragrance for sometime after the bottle becomes empty. Sola petals are effective in fragrance diffusion by providing a greater evaporation surface than other diffusing materials like reed sticks. Even a small sola flower diffuser.

Decorative & Long Lasting: A beautiful indoor decoration for any household and the wooden petals continue to hold fragrance, so you can still enjoy the fragrance for some time after the bottle becomes empty.
Gift Idea: Packaged in a beautiful box, this elegant diffuser makes a great gift for any occasion such as birthdays, weddings, housewarming, Christmas and more!

– One Fragrance Diffuser Glass Bottle (1.2 Fl Oz /40ml)
– 1 pcs of Handmade Sola Flowers
– 3 Natural Wood Reed Sticks
– One Gift Box: 2.5″(W) x 2.5″ (L) x 7.5″(H)


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